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Our Services

All In One Home Inspections offers the following inspection services:

  • Pre purchase home inspections
  • Pre listing home inspections
  • Pre and post renovation inspections
  • Moisture intrusion inspections including thermal imaging and cause identification
  • Thermal imaging inspections
  • Post dry out inspections for Insurers and property owners
  • Individual system inspections
  • New construction (pre delivery) inspections
  • Mold Inspections (Cause and avoidance)
  • Air quality sampling and testing (mold) including pre and post remediation clearance testing
  • Commercial building inspections
  • Invasive building envelope inspections specializing in stucco exteriors
  • Strata maintenance inspections

All homes are different in style, size, and age, and there are also many other intangibles which can affect the cost of a home inspection such as location and condition of the property, and we invite you to contact us for an accurate quote.

The average inspection can take between 2 and 6 hours depending on size and age, and you will receive a detailed computerized electronic web based report including photographs and diagrams which can usually be linked to your e-mail address within 12 hours of the inspection, often the same day. We use the Horizon reporting system which is in our opinion the most comprehensive electronic reporting system in the industry.

We also invite the buyer to attend the inspection as it can be an informative experience and it also enhances communication, however we recommend that you notify you’re Realtor or the vendor of this in advance of the inspection date, as there may be restrictions.

We invite you to call us regarding pricing based on more detail in regards to your unique circumstance.


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