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Thermal Imaging


Thermal Imaging is the practice of using infrared technology and a specialized camera in detecting areas of thermal conductivity, thermal absorption or evaporation, in order to diagnose water or moisture intrusion into structures.

Thermal imaging is also used for building diagnostics,

Some of these uses include but are not limited to:

  • Diagnostics for heating/cooling systems or in floor heat
  • Detecting missing insulation
  • Detecting overheated electrical systems or circuits
  • Detecting pests
  • Inspecting roofs for leaks*
  • Inspecting building envelopes*

*Please note that thermal imaging of exterior envelopes and roofs is not possible without proper preparation which includes but is not limited to:

  1. No rain within 72 hours
  2. Must be done later in the evening (usually after 10 pm or later) so that exterior walls will acclimatize to the same temperature
  3. Heating/and or cooling in the home must be maximized well in advance to promote an even thermal signature

An infrared camera in conjunction with other moisture meters can help isolate and identify areas of concern for home owners as well as home buyers.

This can help minimize or can also in some cases eliminate the need for demolition or destructive investigation.

 Home Inspections Thermal Imaging Home Inspections Thermal Imaging

The above images demonstrate how thermal imaging identifies high or low energy as described above.

Moisture and condensation problems are one of the most serious concerns in homes and structures. Especially in modern home construction where buildings are almost air tight.

Unseen or undiagnosed water damage can lead to rot, structural failure, deterioration of building finishes as well as possible mold growth which can lead to expensive remediation and repair.

A thermal imaging/moisture inspection of your home can help minimize these risks.

Thermal Imaging Vancouver Island, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Oceanside, Nanaimo, British Columbia Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Oceanside

The above images demonstrate how thermal imaging identifies high or low energy as described above.

A thermal imaging /moisture intrusion inspection is separate from a standard home inspection however it can be added as an ancillary service for an additional cost of $75 for most homes.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and pricing.

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